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We distribute what we believe to be the best products on the market today.  After extensive research and experience with various brands, our primary choice is Maax.  We’ll show you why.  Come and see us.

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Informed purchases bring long-term satisfaction.  We’ll answer all your questions and some you won’t think to ask.  Many spa owners discover costly lessons through trial and error, in impulse buying.  Brunswick Hot Tub customers are the best informed buyers.

We'll sell you the tub that meets your wants and needs

One of our “Maaxims” is, “All tubs are not created equal.”  We are committed to communicating information that will help you to make the best choice, one that you won’t regret later.  You won’t be under or oversold and you’ll know exactly what you are getting.  Count on it.

We have an extreme commitment to service and customer satisfaction

We stand by our products and our clientele.  Call us for advice, accessories, maintenance or just to say “Hi”.  We would love to provide front end site consultation that can save you problems and if the time comes when there is a repair issue, we fix what we sell at the best possible price.

All hot tubs are NOT created equal. See us before you buy!

Your ROI (return on investment) is a matter of time as much as money.

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Seven Hot Tub Buying Mistakes

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Maax Spas

The Quality Leader in Luxury Hot Water Products

Originating in 1969, MAAX® Spas has become a leading hot tub manufacturer, available at over 350 specialty retailers across North America and Europe.

MAAX® Spas core values:

• Deliver quality-innovative products

• Promote a customer centric culture

• Drive Operational Excellence

• Retain remarkable people

As with most hot tub owners, the most confusing thing about owning a hot tub is understanding the chemicals needed to maintain clear, healthy hot tub water. With many different sanitizing methods such as Chlorine, Bromine both granular and tablet form, two part bromine system and lithium, we can help you configure hot tub chemical combinations that suit your needs. We carry the SpaBoss brand of products which offers a complete line of quality hot tub chemicals comparable with brands such as BioGuard, SpaGuard, Leisure Time and Rendezvous and in most cases costs less!

Emergency Assistance

If you need emergency assistance call our shop number and leave a message.  We will get back to you right away.  If for some reason there is a current delay in our availability, it will be noted on this website.

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Call, email or drop by and see us today.  We were hot tub owners before we were hot tub dealers.  You can benefit from our story in your own purchase whether that is now or later.  We’d love to meet you without the pressure of making a sale or being sold.