After extensive research and experience with various brands, we believe that MAAX Spas manufactures the best hot tubs and swim spas on the market today.

Informed purchases bring long-term satisfaction.  We’ll answer all your questions and some you won’t think to ask.  Many spa owners discover costly lessons through trial and error and as a result of impulse buying.

“ALL HOT TUBS ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL”.  We are committed to communicating information that will help you to make the best hot tub or swim spa choice. One that you won’t regret later!


We service ALL makes and models of hot tubs and swim spas.  Services include general repairs, pump servicing, regular maintenance, pre-purchase inspections and relocations.  We are warranty service authorized for many hot tub and swim spa manufacturers.  Call us at (506) 454-TUBS (8827) or go to the Contact Us page to book a service appointment.

Originating in 1969, MAAX® Spas has become The Quality Leader In Luxury Hot Water Products.   MAAX® Spas is part of Toronto based Brookfield, the largest company in the world involved in the manufacture of spas.  Today, MAAX® Spas continues to grow and is now ranked as one of the largest manufacturers of hot tubs and swim spas.

Since 1977, Sunstar has become the world’s largest manufacturer of spa and hot tub covers.   Sunstar is the industry leader in spa cover innovation, quality, service and safety.  Sunstar spa covers are backed by a 3 year, non-prorated warranty.  Call us at (506) 454-TUBS (8827) or go to the Contact Us page to order your new, custom replacement hot tub cover by Sunstar.

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Call Brian at (506) 454-TUBS (8827) or click the Contact Us button below.  We Were Hot Tub Owners Before We Were A Hot Tub Dealer.  We would love to share our hot tub experience with you, whether you are looking to buy now or later or already own a hot tub, regardless where you bought it.  We will help you find the right hot tub or swim spa. Our goal is to help you find the most enjoyable hot tub experience possible.

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